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Cubs are for boys and girls aged between 8-10½ years old. They are the second section in the Scouting family.

At the discretion of the Pack, the earliest joining age is 7½ years old and latest leaving age is on their 11th birthday. This allows young people to join and leave at a convenient time in the session i.e. start or end of a term.

Cubs move onto Scouts when they are aged between 10½ and 11 years old.

Where can I Join?

Cubs meet in Packs. Girls and boys can join either by direct entry into a Pack, or by moving up from our junior section – the Beaver Colony.

What do we do?

Cubs enjoy adventures while making new friends along the way. As well as regular weekly meetings, Cubs also enjoy activity days, weekend camps and pack holidays.

Girls and boys in Cubs:

  • go camping
  • try adventurous activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery
  • explore the outdoors
  • play games
  • meet people from their local communities
  • experience the culture of other countries
  • keep themselves and others safe.

For taking part in activities Cubs earn badges and awards including the Cubs highest award, the Chief Scout’s Silver Award, as well as having fun and making friends.

Cubs also gain awards for leadership, teamwork, personal development, and in Scotland, for awareness of their Scottish heritage through the Cub Scouts Scottish Challenge Badge.

How do we do it?

The Cub programme is based around three main themes:

  • outdoor and adventure
  • world
  • skills

Packs run interesting, diverse and high quality programmes enabling every Cub to experience activities in each of these three programme themes.

Packs also, by tradition, adapt some ideas from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’. For instance, the Leaders are known to Cubs by the names of the animals in this book. The Pack Leader, the Cub Scout Leader, is called Akela. The other Leaders are called Baloo, Bageera, Kaa, etc.

Cubs work in small groups called Sixes, each of which is led by an older Cub Scout, called a Sixer, and assisted by a Seconder. Each Six is identified by a coloured neckerchief woggle.

If you would like to join the cubs, please contact us via email at – [email protected]